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Erstellt: 09. April 2021

The HexaBox Interfacing System

Hexabox is an intuitive Tangible Interfacing System for Augmented Reality (AR). As a presentation tool for 3D models, it enables spatial multimodal interactions. The developed system materializes interactions with 3D content in AR.

 Master-Thesis WiSe 2020/21

Nezar Abualhalaweh


Professur Interface Design

M.F.A. Jason Reiner

Professur Human-Computer Interaction

Rosa Van Koningsbruggen (M.Sc.)


Through its unique hardware design, the Hexabox leverages existing and novel methods for designing Deployable Polyhedral Mechanisms (DPMs) by applying these methods to the scale of a tabletop Tangible User Interface (TUI) device  Such an application is realized through its specific set of geometric, mechanical, and material properties. Together, these properties enable the versatile expansion and contraction movement of the Hexbox in relation to its spatial presentation functions.