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Erstellt: 16. April 2021

Fatigue – A space of rest during cancer treatment

Before, during, and after a cancer diagnosis patients get immersed in a series of changes that alter their physical and emotional balance. They frequently face a number of medical exams, treatments, and a long series of personal activities that drain their energy; fatigue as a side effect of all these changes is more than reasonable. Learning how to manage physical and mental energy is fundamental to deal with it.

Master-Thesis WiSe 2020/21

Paola Stephania Calderón Arias


Professur Bauformenlehre

Prof. Dipl.-Des. Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Rudolf

Professur Human-Computer Interaction

Britta Schulte

Topics such as nutrition, exercise, emotional stability, gratitude, and the perception that patients have about their surroundings, are fundamental to achieving a sense of balance. Learning about techniques and strategies that help the body and mind achieve said balance will help patients manage the changes and challenges that come with this disease, particularly the side effects of fatigue. 

The project presented here is the result of the pursuit of those techniques-personal strategies developed by patients, and its physical manifestation in an installation that represents how during an illness, one often feels as if one is in darkness and is looking for explanation, knowledge and "enlightenment". The project looks forward to giving this enlightenment in a dynamic way to users/patients for their future wellbeing and health.