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Erstellt: 16. April 2021

Atmospheric spaces – vessel for distant and imaginary realities – immersive experience

How would it feel to experience distant and/or imaginary realities in physical space?
Is it possible to experience loci that are somewhat unreachable or even non(yet)existent?
How could these intangible locations be translated and rebuilt into atmospheric spaces, perceptible by the senses through immediate experience?

Master-Thesis WiSe 2020/21

Carlos Garcia Fernández


Professur Interface Design

Vertr. Prof. M.F.A. Jason Reizner

Professur Human-Computer Interaction

Hannes Waldschütz

This immersive experience brings closer remote whereabouts and yet-to-discover loci using light, sound and reflections to render ambiances in space. The user -or traveler-, is able to directly feel and experience these phenomenal realities that used to remain in an intangible realm, now embodied in a multi-sensory environment.

A vessel is created, a contained space where different ambient elements can be controlled and adjusted, allowing different atmospheres to be rendered inside it. The vessel, aimed to contain the space where the atmospheres are recreated, is able to replicate a range of different ambiances, acting as a portal that links the actual location where it is placed, with the rendered destination. Built as a soft enclosure, the vessel presents various entryways to its inside, leading each one of those to a different experience; as the light pieces of fabric on the outside are drawn, the traveller accesses a distant reality, leaving behind their bodily location and entering one of the many atmospheric spaces.