• The pART project addresses floorplan references as an important tool for architects. Floorplan references help architects to find inspiration or to extract reliable information about previous design solutions while working on a draft. In the past, collections of floorplans did only exist in the form of printed floorplan atlases. Each atlas employs its own classification system and usually does not focus on objective floorplan parameters; designers thus need to frequently rely on their intuition when browsing them. pART (parametric Architecture Retrieval Tool) is a collaborative project at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, comprising computer scientists from the Usability Research Group and architects from the InfAR group (=Computer Science in Architecture).

    The InfAR group has compiled a database of floor plans which have been analysed for their properties along a range of objective parameters. Mentored by the Usability Research Group, students from the Computer Science and Media degree program have built a web-based frontend for efficient and easy access to this database. The main element of the latest prototype is a minimalistic pie menu that visualises the currently set search parameters, while allowing users to interact with query specification and results,  and to playfully and incrementally adapt a query fit to their needs.

  • Project team

    • Contact: Prof. Dr. Sven Bertel (Junior professor)
    • Maximilian Schirmer, M.Sc.
    • Dipl. Ing. Sven Schneider (InfAR)
    • Michel Triemer, B.Sc. (InfAR)
    • Felicitas Höbelt, B.Sc.
    • Georg Erfurt
    • Oana-Iuliana Popescu
    • Aaron Solbach

Project publications and other products

  • Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (2014). pART macht das Architektenleben leichter. Feature in Summaery in Progress. Details can be found here [in German].