Introduction to Modern Cryptography (Problem Session)

Lecturer: Nathalie Dittrich

Termine (Ort): Tuesdays, 15:15 - 16:45 Uhr (biweekly), Lecture Hall, Haußknechtstr 7

First Date: April 09 2019



  • Python-Grundkurs
  • Python for Programmiers

LaTeX: Solutions are preferably to be handed in formatted with LaTeX. An examplary template can be found here.

Tutorium (Lecturers: Norina Marie Grosch, Lars Meyer)


The Tutorium takes place biweekly, alternating with the problem sessions.

First Date: April 16 2019, 15:15 - 16:45 Uhr, HK7, Lecture Hall

Remark: The assignments are usually published about two weeks before the corresponding problem session. 

  • A problem set is solved satisfiably if at least 25% are reached.
  • A problem set is solved successfully if at least 50% are reached.

To gain admission for the oral exam, one of the following conditions have to be accomplished:

  1. Every problem set is solved satisfiably.
  2. All but one problem sets are solved satisfiably and at least two problem sets are solved successfully.

It is allowed to work in groups up to three students. We highly recommend to work in groups.

Final Grade-Bonus:

  •  A bonus of 1/3 is gained whenall problem sets are satisfiable solved and at least three of them are successfully solved
  •  A bonus of 2/3 is gained when at most one problem set is only satisfiable solved and all others are successfully solved

The bonus can only be used to improve the final grade of the exam, when the exam itself is passed.


Get together in performant learning groups and meet regularly to solve and discuss the problem sets. There is little sense to first consider the tasks at the meetings. Follow the lecture continuously. It is completely normal if assignments require more than a day to solve. Use the materials from the lecture and suggested with it as well as secondary resources. Cite and work properly. Do not plagiarize.

Target Group:

Medieninformatik, B. Sc.