Twister - A Hash Function Proposal for SHA-3

Twister is a new framework for hash functions. Twister incorporates the ideas of wide pipe-- and sponge functions. The core of this framework is a - very easy to analyze - mini-round providing both extremly fast diffusion as well as collision-freeness for one mini-round. The total security level is claimed to be not below 2^{n/2} for collision attacks and 2^n for 2nd pre-image attacks. Twister instantiations are secure against all known generic attacks. We also propose three instances Twister-n for hash output sizes n=256,384,512. These instantiations are  highly optimized for 64-bit architectures and run very fast in hardware and software, e.g Twister-256 is faster than SHA-256 on 32 and 64-bit platforms. Furthermore, Twister scales very well on low-end plattforms.


  • Ewan Fleischman
  • Christian Forler
  • Michael Gorski



  • MDS-Finder for generating MDS matrices

Article on Twister: