Joint Conference on Serious Games 2022

Joint Conference on Serious Games

Conference Aim

The Joint Conference Serious Games (JCSG) is dedicated to serious games and its multifaceted characteristics combining game design and game technology with further concepts as well as concepts required in the different serious games application domains.

Over the last two decades, the use of serious games in several fields like learning, simulation, training, health, well-being, management, assessment or marketing exploded. We have gained a deeper knowledge on their efficiency and effectiveness, in particular taking into consideration the needs of the digital natives’ generation, and the single or combined use of scientific and creative fields has grown in acceptance. However, there are still several barriers in large-scale adoption of serious games. How can these fields be combined to achieve the best possible results? How may the quality of serious games increased taking into account the latest emerging technologies, concepts and trends of entertainment games? How may the capacity of serious games as valuable learning and training tools be ensured and maintained over time?

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