Iuliia Osintseva

Research Assistant & Teaching Assistant

Iuliia is a researcher at the Chair of Computer Science in Architecture at the Bauhaus-University Weimar in Germany. She graduated in Architecture at the University of Kyiv and at the Bauhaus-University Weimar. Her main research interest is the development of computational design methods in the early design phase with focus on residential architecture. Furthermore, she works as Lead Digital Architect at Rehub Forge GmbH.

e-Mail: iuliia.osintseva[at]


Research Projects: 

2021 - 2023 Neufert 4.0 - Artificial intelligence methods for generating evidence-based design heuristics for user-centered residential housing (Zukunft Bau)

2018-2020: DigiWo (Digitaler Wohnungsbau) - Digital methods for integrated and scale independent generation, analysis and exploration of residential building variants (Zukunft Bau)

2017-2018: Project DiPlanner (founded by DIPLAN Gesellschaft für Digitales Planen und Bauen GmbH)


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Osintseva, I., Gavrilov, E., König, R., Schneider, S., Bielik M. (2021) A Parametric Approach for the Placement of Apartments for Multi-Family Residential Building Volumes.”, Symposium on Simulation for Architecure and Urban Design (SimAUD), online.

Osintseva, I., König, R., Berst, A., Bielik M., Schneider, S. (2020) Automated Parametric Building Volume Generation: A Case Study for Urban Blocks. Symposium on Simulation for Architecure and Urban Design (SimAUD), Vienna, Austria, 211 - 218.

Osintseva, I., Berst, A., Bielik, M., König, R., Schneider, S. (2019) Typology-based generation of multi-family-residential buildings, Proceedings of International Conference on Optimization-Driven Architectural Design OPTARCH, Amman, Jordan.

Fuchkina, E., Schneider, S., Bertel, S. and Osintseva, I. (2018) Design Space Exploration Framework - A modular approach to flexibly explore large sets of design variants of parametric models within a single environment. Conference on Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design (eCAADe) - Volume 2, Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland, 367-376.

Konieva, K., Knecht, K., Osintseva, I., Vesely, O., & Koenig, R. (2018). Parametric assistance for complex urban planning processes: Three examples from Africa and South-East Asia. In Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urbanization (ACEU) Conference. Singapore.