Erstellt: 12. Juli 2023

Three Papers at CAAD Futures 2023 in Delft

Martin Bielik, Dominik Reisach and Andreas Mack published their research at one of the most important conferences on Computer Aided Architectural Design.

At this years International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design in Delft we published three papers:

Martin Bielik, together with Luyang Zhang and Sven Schneider presented their paper "Big Data, Good Data, and Residential Floor Plans" ( about Feature Selection for Maximizing the Information Value and Minimizing Redundancy in Residential Floor Plan Data Sets.

Our former Master Student Dominik Reisach presented his work on A Design-to-Fabrication Workflow for Free-Form Timber Structures Using Offcuts ( together with Stephan Schütz, Jan Willmann and Sven Schneider.

Our external PhD Student Andreas Mack presented his paper "Demand vs Design – Comparing Design Proposals to “New Work” – Based Spatial Requirements" ( together with Ekaterina Fuchkina and Sven Schneider.