In the SS 2018 the professorship offers the elective course
Applied System Dynamics for Urban Modeling and Simulation.

The participants of this seminar are introduced to advanced urban modeling and simulation techniques based and system dynamics methods. We deal with the modeling of complex spatial systems on the regional and urban level. In this context computational analysis methods for urban fabric (e.g. for pedestrian movement or economic potentials) and models for computing interactions between land uses are introduced. By means of system dynamics models we can simulate temporal changes of stocks and flows.

The learned skills are applied in the Rural Urban Metabolism (RUD) project for planning new towns in Ethiopia. It’s expected that the participants have absolved the course “Introduction to System Dynamics for Modeling Urban Metabolism” from the previous semester.  

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Please inscribe to the course via this moodle website:

The course take place in the computer pool and is organized in blocks. The detailed schedule is provided on the moodle page!


In the SS 2018 there is also the 3 CP course Advanced Computational Methods
Requirement for choosing this seminar is the parallel of past participation of an introductionary course by the professrhip, or good programming skills. In this seminar the programming skills and their application are enhanced.
The main idea of this course is to offer an extension of the Introduction course by an individual semester project. The semester performance it the definition and implementation of a self-defined task, which exemplifies the skills that are learned during the seminar.
Please contact Prof. König before inscribing in the course!