In the SS 2017 the professorship offers a project module Introduction to Generative Urban Models.

The participants of this seminar are introduced to Generative Urban Models. We deal with the implementation of methods for generating and analyzing various spatial configurations. The learned skills are shown by several exercises. The exercises may be linked to other design studios.
Basic knowledge programming as well as in Grasshopper for Rhino3D is of advantage for this course. The latter one you can get in a corresponding parallel course at InfAR. 

Please inscribe to the course via this moodle website:
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The inscription key is "generative".

Please, also have a look at the results from past semesters here!

The following seminars are on the following Wednesdays from at 9:15 - 12:00 in the computer pool:
first meeting: 12.04.2017 // Introduction to C#-Scripting
tbd // DecodingSpaces Synthesis Components
tbd // Introduction to Optimization
tbd // Applications & Sonsultations


In the SS 2017 there is also the 3 CP course Advanced Computational Methods

Requirement for choosing this seminar is the parallel of past participation at the course Introduction to Generative Urban Models, or good programming skills. In this seminar the programming skills and their application are enhanced.
Contentwise we deal with the combination of various spatial analysis methods with evolutionary algorithms for the optimization of certain urban planning aspects. The semester performance it the definition and implementation of a self-defined task, which exemplifies the skills that are learned during the seminar.