Rouzbeh Abadi



Marienstraße 13D, Room 207
99423 Weimar


+49 3643 584478


Research Interests

  • Molecular dynamics simulation of advanced material
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Finite element modelling of composite materials and structures. 
  • Structural and earthquake engineering  
  • Machine learning 

Research Projects

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Academic CV

2005 - 2010  Bachelor of civil engineering at Azad university of Iran

2012 - 2014  Structural engineering at university technology of Malaysia (UTM)

2014 - today Phd of computational engineering at the Institute of Structural Mechanics, Bauhaus-University Weimar

Publication List

[1] R. Abadi, M.Izadifar, M Sepahi, N. Alajlan and T. Rabczuk, “Computational modeling of graphene nanopore for using in DNA sequencing devices” Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures journal, Vol 103(C), p. 403-416 ,2018

[2] A. N. Jam, R. Abadi, M. Izadifar and T. Rabczuk, “Molecular dynamics study of the mechanical properties of carbon doped single-layer polychristalline boron-nitride nanosheets,” Computational Materials Science, vol. 153 pp. 16 – 27, 2018.

[3] S. Gohari, S. Sharifi, R. Abadi, M. Izadifar, C Burvill and Z. Vrcelj, “A quadratic piezoelectric multi-layer element for FE analysis of smart laminated composite plates induced by MFC actuators” Smart Materials and Structures, 2018.

[4] A. Shirazi, R. Abadi, M. Izadifar, N. Alajlan, and T. Rabczuk, “Mechanical responses of pristine and defective c3n nanosheets studied by molecular dynamics simulations,” Computational Materials Science, vol. 147, pp. 316 – 321, 2018.

[5]  R. Abadi, A.  Shirazi, M. Izadifar, M. Sepahi and T. Rabczuk, “Fabrication of nanopores in polycrystalline boron-nitride nanosheet by using Si, SiC and diamond clusters bombardment” Computational Materials Science, vol. 145, pp. 280 – 290, 2018.

[6]  M. Izadifar, R. Abadi, A. Hossein Nezhad Shirazi, N. Alajlan and T. Rabczuk, “Nanopores creation in boron and nitrogen doped polycrystalline graphene: A molecular dynamics study” Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures journal ,2018

[7]  M. Izadifar, R. Abadi, A. N. Jam, and T. Rabczuk, “Investigation into the effect of doping of boron and nitrogen atoms in the mechanical properties of single-layer polycrystalline graphene,” Computational Materials Science, vol. 138, pp. 435 – 447, 2017.

[8]  R. Abadi, R. P. Uma, M. Izadifar, and T. Rabczuk, “Investigation of crack propagation and ex- isting notch on the mechanical response of polycrystalline hexagonal boron-nitride nanosheets,” Computational Materials Science, vol. 131, pp. 86 – 99, 2017. 

[9]  R. Abadi, R. P. Uma, M. Izadifar, and T. Rabczuk, “The effect of temperature and topological defects on fracture strength of grain boundaries in single-layer polycrystalline boron-nitride nanosheet,” Computational Materials Science, vol. 123, pp. 277 – 286, 2016. 

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[11]  A. K. Marsono, M. Md Tap, A. Javanmardi, R. Abadi, A. Ahmad, and Z. Ibrahim, “Correlation of stiffness and natural frequency of precast frame system,” in Technology and Engineering Reviews and Research Advances I, vol. 735 of Applied Mechanics and Materials, pp. 141–144, Trans Tech Publications, 4 2015. 

[12]  M. Izadifar, R. Naghshbandi, R. Abadi, and A. Ahmad, “The mitigation of the progressive collapse of a 9-storey structure incorporating united states department of defence guidelines,” High Performance and Optimum Design of Structures and Materials, pp. 163 – 173, 2014.