Pan Sun


Address  Marienstrasse 15, Room 012,

                 99423 Weimar

Phone    +49 3643 584512


Research Interests

    • Advanced meshless methods in fracture modelling
    • Discontinuous deformation analysis
    • Fracture modelling in geotechnical engineering

    Academic CV

    2011 - 2015

    Bachelor in Civil Engineering

    • Tongji University, Shanghai, China

    2015 - Present

    Dotcoral student in Civil Engineering

    • Tongji University, Shanghai, China
    • Supervisor: Prof. Hehua Zhu, Prof. Yongchang Cai

    2018 - Present

    Guest Ph.D Student, Institute of Structural Mechanics, Bauhaus University Weimar (BUW), Weimar, Germany

    Publication List

    [1] H.H. Zhu, P. Sun, Y.C. Cai, "Independent cover meshless method for the simulation of multiple crack growth with arbitrary incremental steps and directions", Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, vol. 83, pp. 242šC255, 2017.

    [2] Y.C. Cai, P. Sun, H.H. Zhu, T. Rabczuk, "A Mixed cover meshless method for elasticity and fracture problems," Theoretical and  Applied Fracture Mechanics, vol. 95, pp. 73šC103, 2018.