GCPR poster on noisy annotations

David Tschirschwitz will present the work on "Drawing the Same Bounding Box Twice? Coping Noisy Annotations in Object Detection with Repeated Labels" on September 20, 2023 at the DAGM German Conference for Pattern Recognition in Heidelberg, Germany.

WACV dacl-challenge

Call for our "1st Workshop on Vision-Based Structural Inspections in Civil Engineering" at the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) 2024, exploring approaches for analyzing and evaluating structures in civil engineering using computer vision. The workshop will focus on the "dacl-challenge" to find the best models for detecting bridge defects and bridge components using semantic segmentation.

GSW presentation on UAV flight route planning

Paul Debus will present his work on "Potential-guided UAV-flight path planning for the inspection of complex structures" on September 4, 2023 at ISPRS Geospatial Week in Cairo, Egypt.

HIP presentation on evaluation of ground truth

David Tschirschwitz will present the work on "Drawing the Line: A Dual Evaluation Approach for Shaping Ground Truth in Image Retrieval Using Rich Visual Embeddings of Historical Images" on August 25, 2023 at the ICDAR Workshop on Historical Document Imaging and Processing (HIP) in San José, California.

Sub-exam GSM

The Geo-spatial Monitoring (GSM) sub-exam of the Structural Parameter Survey and Evaluation module will be held on August 11, 2023, starting at 1 pm in lecture halls B and D.

Exam geodesy

The Geodesy exam will be held on August 8, 2023 at 9 am in lecture halls A, B and D. Classification depends on your degree program and your surname (see Moodle course and CV website).

Preparations for the summaery 2023

The MDR reports in the Thuringia Journal about the preparations for the Summaery, including an AI project in the 3D-RealityCapture-ScanLab.

DFG project MultiSkalChar started

The DFG-funded research project "3D multiscale characterization of cementitious building materials", which is carried out together with the professorships Materials of Construction and Construction Chemistry and Polymer Materials, has started.

»FAIRest Dataset« award 2023

David Tschirschwitz, together with Franziska Klemstein, Benno Stein and Volker Rodehorst, has won the 2,000 euro prize from the Competence Network for Research Data Management of the Thuringian Universities for his dataset "TexBiG Dataset for Analysing Complex Document Layouts in the Digital Humanities", which was created in the project "Text-Bild-Gefüge" under the direction of Henning Schmidgen.

Computer Vision Conferences (selection)

Name Location Submission Date
CVPR 2024: IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern RecognitionSeattle,
Nov 10, 2023Jun 17-21, 2024
ICCV 2023: IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer VisionParis,
Mar 8, 2023Sep 30 - Oct 6, 2023
ECCV 2024: European Conference on Computer Vision Milan,
Sep 29 - Oct 4, 2024
BMVC 2023: British Machine Vision ConferenceAberdeen,
May 12, 2023Nov 20-24, 2023
WACV 2024: IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer VisionWaikoloa,
United States
Jun 28, 2023
Jan 3-7, 2024
ICIP 2023: IEEE International Conference on Image ProcessingKuala Lumpur,
Feb 15, 2023Oct 8-11, 2023
ISPRS 2026: International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing CongressToronto,
Jul 4-11, 2026
ICPR 2024: IAPR International Conference on Pattern RecognitionKolkata,
May 1, 2024Dec 1-5, 2024
ICDAR 2024: IAPR International Conference on Document Analysis and RecognitionAthens,
Feb 1, 2024Aug 30 - Sep 4, 2024
ACCV 2024: Asian Conference on Computer VisionHanoi,
Jul, 2024Dec 8-12, 2024
MVA 2023: IAPR International Conference on Machine Vision and ApplicationsHamamatsu,
Mar 31, 2023    Jul 23-25, 2023
ICIAP 2023: IAPR International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing Udine,
Feb 23, 2023
Sep 11-15, 2023
GCPR 2023: DAGM German Conference on Pattern Recognition Heidelberg,
Jun 5, 2023Sep 19-22, 2023
IVCNZ 2023: International Conference on Image and Vision Computing New ZealandPalmerston North,
New Zealand
Aug 4, 2023Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2023
CAIP 2023: International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and PatternsLimassol,
May 1, 2023Sep 25-30, 2023

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Organizations (selection)

  • IEEE Computer Society
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • The Computer Vision Foundation (CVF)
  • International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS)
  • International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR)
  • European Computer Vision Association (ECVA)
  • Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

  • Society for Computer Science (GI)
  • The German Association for Pattern Recognition (DAGM)
  • German Society for Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation (DGPF)
  • German Association for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management (DVW)