The Territorial Impact of the Capital Delocalization Process on Peripheral Environments

Tomadoni, Claudia
Master in Environmental Administration, Master in Territorial Impacts
This work focuses on the territorial impact of the delocalization of capitals on peripheral areas within central areas.
Some situations are comparatively coincidental and divergent in terms of how global capital takes hold in the local area and transforms it within a peripheral area (cities of the East) situated in a central area (Germany); and within a peripheral area (Cordoba Metropolitan Region) situated in another peripheral area (Argentina).

General objectives: to present elements of analysis about those interrelations between territory, technology, work, and capital that might account for a process of industrial restructuring in the context of globalization; to demonstrate that industrial activity is an important factor in territorial organization, an element capable of generating signifi cant impact, and a channel towards territorial developmental processes that are unequal, contradictory, or both; and to compare, in terms of the localization of capital and activities related to industry, the responses of a central area's peripheral territories in relation to territories in peripheral areas.

Specific objectives: to analyze the process of deslocalization of capitals in Thuringia (Germany); to investigate the territorial impact that occurred in those areas; and to revise the responses from peripheral territories of central areas in comparison to those from territories of peripheral areas.