Erstellt: 12. September 2023

International Wind Engineering Conference Participation – ICWE16

The current research work of the professorship in the field of wind engineering has been published and presented at the 16th International Wind Engineering Conference. Here is an overview of the conference presentations.

During the 16th International Wind Engineering Conference, held in Florence, Italy from 27th to 31st of August 2023, the Chair had four representatives for the scientific & practical contributions, with on-site presentations & poster presentation:

M.Sc. Gledson Rodrigo Tondo – Aerodynamic force reconstruction using physics-informed Gaussian processes.

M.Sc. Victor Vîlceanu – Partitioned numerical coupling for VIV of a slender chimney equipped with tuned liquid damper.

Dr.Ing. Igor Kavrakov (MSK Alumni & Affiliated MSK researcher) – Gaussian Process Modelling of Nonlinear Aerodynamic Forces Acting on Bluff Bodies.

M.Sc. Camila Ribellato Baldin (MSK Alumni) – Poster presentation: Parametric design-based aerodynamic shape optimization of tall buildings.

Short summary of the conference: 790 contributions (673 – oral presentations, and 102 poster presentations), 6 keynote lectures, 8 mini-symposia, 3 poster sessions, 118 technical and 7 parallel sessions. Special topics and scientific interests were discussed, among the key highlights being bluff body aerodynamics, computational wind engineering, bridge engineering, stochastic analyses, and machine learning applications to wind engineering.