Geo-spatial Monitoring

The course is part of the module structural parameter survey and evaluation. It covers the preparation and planning of three-dimensional measurement tasks, the application of tacheometry, satellite-based positioning (GNSS), terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry for monitoring, spatial transformations, point cloud registration, distance measures and geometric deformation analyses.

Please notice: The materials for our lectures and exercises are only available through the network of the Bauhaus-University Weimar.



  1. Organization, motivation, dense surface reconstruction for visual damage detection, deformation monitoring using vision-based multi-epoch analysis, tacheometric survey, three-dimensional laser scanning (slides, print)

  2. Point cloud comparison, 3D transformation, alignment and registration, iterative closest point (ICP), distance metrics, cloud-to-cloud distance, local modeling, geometric fitting (slides, print)

  3. Image-based 3D reconstruction, photogrammetry, structure from motion, image acquisition, interior/exterior orientation, calibration, epipolar geometry, relative/absolute orientation, bundle adjustment, stereo normal case, dense image matching (slides, print)




The first exercise takes place on April 12, 2019 at 11:00 am in lecture hall D.

The course is managed using the open-source learning platform moodle. All documents and further information can be found in the moodle-course Structural parameter survey and evaluation.

The password will be announced in the first lecture.