DYNAMICS INTERNATIONAL - Experimental structural dynamics

Fakultät: Bauingenieurwesen, Studiengang: Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering (M.Sc.)

The subject of this interdisciplinary project of architecture and engineering students was the analysis of different structures with respect to their dynamic behaviour. The investigated structures were based on the architectural concepts of high rise buildings developed within the design project “IAAD 2014 – EUROPEAN SKYSCRAPER”. The project had the following stages:

Development of numerical engineering models of the whole building,
Design of a reduced version of the whole structure that still represents the global dynamic behaviour but can be also modelled physically,
Manufacturing of the physical models,
Performance of dynamic tests,
Identification of natural frequencies, mode shapes and damping ratios from the measured data.

During their work the students discovered numerous challenges and interesting results such as nonlinear structural behaviour of their models. One of the greatest challenges was the comparison of the results obtained from test and numerical models.

Furthermore, two teams were considering two existing buildings, a historical balcony structure in a theatre and the bell tower of the church of Walldorf which is under reconstruction.


Alnayef, Mohammad
Alrayes, Omar
Aowal, Raheef
Awramenko, Alexander
Baer, Michael
Basnet, Min Bahadur
Berthold, Franziska
Bohara, Smriti
Carlet, Lorenzo
Crescenzi, Ilio
Damanik, Batta Septo Van Bahtiar.
Dayioglu, Hatice
Feng, Yangyang
He, Bo
Karablikova, Jonita
Khan, Shinthia Azmeri
Martinez Ruelas, Gabriela
Masum, D M
Mondal, Somsankar
Ponce Yaconi, Diego
Tamilarasan, Aswin Prabhu
Vitale, Nicola
Wilken, Ferdinand
Ydergård, Carl
Zacharias, Christin


Dr.-Ing. Volkmar Zabel

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