Fakultät: interdisziplinär, Studiengang: interdisziplinär

In the past decades, the use and reappropriation of archival strategies and archival material has been a strong component of contemporary art practices. The artist has been adopting several roles, such as the historian, the archivist, the story-teller, in order to re-examine this material and its medial representation and translate it into new forms. The students of the course examined archival strategies (including the visits to archives on site, the examination of the archive versus the collection), and further appropriated and deconstructed the methods and the material and reflected on a more general level on the organisation of things and their possible reafirmation or self-organisation in a form of an artwork.


Duygu Atçeken (M.F.A. Media Art and Design)
Liese Endler (B.F.A. Media Art and Design)
Alla Grishko (M.Sc. MediaArchitecture)
Paul Haas (B.F.A. Media Art and Design)


Prof. Ursula Damm

Art der Präsentation

Installation / artwork


Marienstraße 5


204 and cellar

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