Schritmuster/Type Specimen

Fakultät: Gestaltung, Studiengang: Visuelle Kommunikation (B.F.A.)

Since the earliest days of typographic printing the type specimen has been an important tool for those involved in the dissemination of printed texts. Available typefaces were shown in the sizes in which they were cast in metal or cut in wood, enabling printers to decide from actual examples which types would be most appropriate for the work at hand. A history of type specimens formed an integral part of this project and students were expected to carry out research in this area on their own. Practical work include designing type specimens for existing typefaces as well as for typefaces students designed themselves. An associated Fachkurs demonstrated the basics of type design and font production using digital tools.


Alexandra Durand
Amie Boyle
Andrew Richard
April Wiederhold
Fabian Nerstheimer
Ferdinand Weigel
Fridolin Knorr
Hannah Meyer
Ilana Blady
Johanna Diesel
Johannes Breuer
Julia Brüstel
Julie Finn
Lisa Hannebohn
Lisa Jasch
Manuel Zalaltintas
Maria-Isabell Otto
Martina Benassi
Mia Herholz
Michelle Jung Boehm
Mirjam Hümmer
Moritz Ebeling
Nico Reinhardt
Rachel Romanowsky
Raffaella De Rossi
Rosa Carole Rodeck
Sandra Mastinggal
Sheila McCallan
Stefano Dessi


Jay Rutherford

Art der Präsentation

Ausstellung / exhibition


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