Fakultät: Medien, Studiengang: Medienkunst / Mediengestaltung (M.F.A.)

Furcht is an interactive installation project by collaborating media artists, Nils Andersen and Sabina Kim.

Continuing on from their last installation - Cycling Society (2013), which acted as an prelude to their infatuation with animated loops within loops, Furcht (2014) meaning "fear" echos the essence of loops in a hand drawn analogue display. Taking on a simple notion of human emotion and inspired by Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the pyramid explores the degrees of fears and one's needs: (starting from the bottom) Physiological, Material, Esteem/ Self-actualisation.

By hacking into our daily use of technological devices and working around in an inventive approach, Abbey Ola introduces the interactive component with his own developed motion detector app onto the stage. The motion detectors are triggered by cameras built into the iphone and ipad and the light tracked by the torches.


Sabina Kim, Nils Andersen, Abbey Ola


Prof. Dr. Bauer-Wabnegg

Art der Präsentation

Installation / artwork


Marienstraße 7a



Dieses Projekt nimmt am Bauhaus Essentials 2014 & GRAFE Kreativpreis teil.

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