Tools for Tales, Tales from Tools / Von Werkzeugen, Maschinen und Apparaten

Fakultät: interdisziplinär, Studiengang: interdisziplinär

In the realm of this project course students took a closer look at the artifacts and constructions of our every-day life full of technical machinery. They analysed the tools in detail, identified their character and their potential of expression, in the sense described above. How do machines organize human life? Which idea of coexistence do they imply? What kind of society do they create?
The various methods of working with devices were introduced, as tools and subjects of artistic expression, and culminated in practical products (sculptures, exhibits, installations, performances).


Gokçen Dilek Acay (M.F.A. Media Art and Design)
Paul Haas (B.F.A. Media Art and Design)
Luis Hurtarte (M.Sc. MediaArchitecture)
Rubab Paracha (M.F.A. Media Art and Design)
Christina Schüler (M.F.A. Media Art and Design)
Alice Dziewinski (B.F.A. Media Art and Design) together with Kristaps Biters (M.A. New Media Arts, Liepaja University, Latvia)


Prof. Ursula Damm

Art der Präsentation

Installation / artwork


Steubenstraße 6 - Universitätsbibliothek / university library


UB ground floor and Marienstraße 5, cellar

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