We Are All Public Now

Fakultät: Gestaltung, Studiengang: Kunst im öffentlichen Raum und neue künstlerische Strategien (M.F.A.)

We Are All Public Now is a 3-day retrospective exhibition organized by students from the MFA, Public Art and New Artistic Strategies.

Works from both current students and alumni will deal with the varied and often contradictory understandings of the term ‘public’. This involves either working with public as a medium or working with public as a theme. In addition to the main exhibition, the project will encompass a series of performances and events as well as informal talks that will contextualize art in public space, discuss professional opportunities, and further explore the underlying theme of contemporary publicity.

The works exhibited will be from site-specific projects in Athens, Weimar, Leipzig, Erfurt, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and beyond.

The event takes place at OMA (The Other Music Academy) which is located at Ernst-Kohl-Str. 23 in Weimar.

This Exhibition is supported by Kreativfonds, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.


The participants are current MFA students as well as selected alumni.

Angela Parslow (Australia)
Ben Thomas Craig (Northern Ireland)
Emrah Inandim (Turkey)
Ella Tetrault (Canada)
Haiyue Tao (China)
Iva Kirova (Bulgaria)
Ina Weise (Germany)
Danielle Kourtesis (USA)
Luisa Roa (Colombia)
Maria Walcher (Italy)
Martin Fink (Germany)
Lucian Patermann (Germany)
Nima Keshtkar (Iran)
Saman Pourisa (Iran)
Sofia Dona (Greece)
Sujin Lim (South Korea)
Yuequn Zhang (China)
Yu Gao (China)
Yoav Admoni (Israel-Palestine)
Franziska Becher (Germany)


Lisa Glauer, Anke Hannemann

Art der Präsentation

Ausstellung / exhibition


Ernst-Kohl-Straße 23


Other Music Academy (OMA)

Dieses Projekt nimmt am Bauhaus Essentials 2014 & GRAFE Kreativpreis teil.

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10.07. | 18:00 - 10.07. | 20:00

We Are All Public Now - Auststellungeröffnung

11.07. | 12:00 - 11.07. | 20:00

We Are All Public Now - Exhibition and open Café

12.07. | 12:00 - 12.07. | 20:00

We Are All Public Now - Exhibition and open Café

13.07. | 12:00 - 13.07. | 18:00

We Are All Public Now - Exhibition and open Café