HTCV project

Combined Camera and Projector Calibration

Hans Lienhop, Pia Fichtl

(Regina Reusch, Prof. Jakob Hüfner, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Rodehorst)

The project is a cooperation between the professorships of computer vision and cross media moving images of visual communication (faculty art & design). There exist a modular, interactive screen with 12 cubes (50×50×50cm) for performances or an interactive user experience. Every cube side can have an own video and you can turn a cube to show a new video or put different cubes together. Currently, the tracking of the cubes works with ultraviolet markers which are only visible with uv-light. The challenge in the project is the calibration of the tracking camera and the projector. The objectives consist of the evaluation of the setup (Unity and Vuforia), the understanding of internal and external tracking data, the calibration of camera and projector as well as optimizing the accuracy and robustness of the approach.