Modern Indian Architecture and the Emergence of a Post-Independence Discourse

The Case of Design Magazine (1957-1988)

Ph.D. by Pappal Suneja, since May 2021

In my ongoing research, I am analyzing the Design (1957-1988) periodical in the context of “Historicization”, integrated into design research with emphasis on the reflecting mirrors of changing discourses related to Art, Architecture, and design.
It is a historical case of critical communication in architecture and the production of the built environment in India during the post-colonial decades. The project shall discuss the process in which history, theory, and critique reflect in architecture concerning the institutions and actors that coincided at a point in time (1957–1988) within this journal.
Design reflects a convoluted alliance of culturally and historically manifested social linkages by the influential architectural proponents and theorists as editorial members from across the world. This cross-cultural networking of the experts on board allows the development of a deeper understanding of modern "Indian Architecture".

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Collage by Pappal Suneja: Design Magazin Covers
Design Covers & Credits (Left to Right): Jan 1957 (Patwant Singh) , Nov 1957 (Raj Thapar), March 1963 (Chowdhury/Grewal), Feb 1957(Patwant Singh), May 1958 (Ram Kumar), Dec 1965(Chowdhury/Grewal), Feb 1958 (peter Piening), April 1964 (Piloo Pochkhanawala), Oct 1958 (Rachel Grenfell) and Nov 1964 (Martha Bourdrez). Collage by Pappal Suneja.