Concepts of the »Everyday« in Architecture

Ph.D. Reem Saad Sardina, since December 2020

I studied Architecture in the Arab Academy of Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport in Egypt, where I later pursued my master’s degree and worked as a Teaching Assistant.

I am interested in the study of ‘everyday life’ with its very ordinary activities and routine. I think the everyday is under represented in architecture, although architecture is the everyday’s concrete fabric and connector.
So in my project, I am interested in exploring the negotiation between both. I am proposing a study of existing —yet unintegrated— concepts and theories of the ‘everyday’ in architecture. My research interest was formulated when investigating a very specific context in Cairo, where death and life are intertwined in the same space— the inhabited historical cemeteries. But because the peculiarities of a specific context can not be generalized; I want to understand the general ‘grammar’ of the everyday and its problematic in architectural discourse and representation.