Fellowship Research Workshop 2023/24

Gropius Protégés: Stimulating Architectural Modernism in India

The project explores the influence of the ‘Bauhaus’ in the Indian subcontinent, the contribution of Walter Gropius in stimulating architectural modernism through his protégés (namely Habib Rahman and A.P Kanvinde), and the evolution of the newer identity steered by the first-generation Indian architects. We shall primarily focus on setting up an International group, as a platform to ideate, discuss, and analyze the journey of the Bauhaus in India through an interdisciplinary approach. In addition to Gropius, we shall also cover the contribution of German-trained architects, Otto Königsberger and Karl Malte von Heinz who were working in India in the 1950s.

Duration: January to December 2024

Financial budget: €30.000,00

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