The Professorship contributes to teaching mainly through its lecture series.

In the Bachelor’s programme, we provide a compulsory lecture series on the »History and Theory of Modern Architecture« for third-semester students of the »Architecture« and »Urban Studies« degree programmes. In the lecture series, we explore the intellectual framework in which ›modern‹ architecture has developed since the middle of the 18th century. In doing so, we form a common foundation for understanding the values and goals expressed in modernist architecture — and the design approaches proposed for mastering its building tasks.

For Architecture students, the lecture series continues into the fourth semester where we examine through alternating case studies the ways in which the range of topics explored in the third semester are reflected in actual construction. Our aim here is to become familiar with the ›references‹ that we can draw on in all their complexity, to understand them as answers to design questions, and to show what architectural history ›brings‹ to us in architectural practice.

In the Master’s programme, we offer a »Theory of Architecture« lecture series. The series is dedicated to the topic of »sustainability as a design problem«. It is based on the notion that we — as architects — bear a responsibility not only to build sustainably, but also to design sustainably. Together we will look for principles that will allow us to honour this responsibility.

The lecture series is compulsory for students in the »Architecture« Master’s degree programme. Students from other degree programmes may also enrol in the lecture series as an elective module.

In addition, we offer courses on topics that change each semester. The current semester’s courses can be found here. Information on past courses can be found here.