Once a year the Bauhaus Research School organizes a competition for young researchers, designers and artists. The prizes are awarded in two categories: for the best poster and the best mini-presentation - the so-called elevator pitch. The aim here is to provide an entertaining, interesting and thrilling insight into the project within 90 seconds.

DATE:  28. November 2018 in the Oberlichtsaal, Main Building


What projects are the early stage researchers, artists and designers of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar currently researching?
How comprehensibly and stirringly can they present their work?

The poster contest is for research projects from doctoral candidates and all young researchers, designers and artists of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Advanced research projects from Masters and Diploma students arealso accepted.


Poster Registration: 31 October 2018 
Poster Submission: 14 November 2018

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Poster Contest and Elevator Pitch 2017 | Retrospective

The winners 2017 (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Foto: Henry Sowinski)

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Best Scientific Poster (jury)
Ammalia Podlaszewska | Social Science and Urban Studies
Temporality in Urbanism: Mobility and neighbourhood Gentrification

Best Scientific Poster (audience)
Margarita Garcia + Alexandra Camara  |  Art in Public Space
Re/flecting the Border

Best Elevator Pitch (jury)
Victor Vilceanu | Modelling and Simulation of Structures
Let us damp out the wind vibrations.

Best Elevator Pitch (audience) &
Overall prize »Scientific Communication«(Poster + Elevator Pitch*)
Luise Göbel | Bauchemie und Polymere Werkstoffe
Einblick statt Überblick: Multiskalenmodellierung von polymermodifiziertem Beton

Other participants:

Claudia Barthel | Master Medienmanagement
Politische Markenführung in den Sozialen Medien - Eine Untersuchung von Politikermarken auf Facebook und Twitter im Bundeswahlkampf 2017

Mahsa Mirboland | Master Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering
Damage detection based on response measurements

Janette Sesselmann | Master MediaArchitecture
The architecture of political spaces. Public space in post-Soviet-Ukraine at the example of Euromaidan in 2013/14

Aliaksandr Shuba | UrbanHIST - History of European Urbanism in the 20th Century
Historiography of European Urbanism in the 20th century in Slavic languages

Maria Skivko | Science and Urban Studies
Fashion in the City and the City in Fashion: Urban Representations in Fashion Magazines

Sophia Trautmann | Master Nachhaltige Produktkulturen
Seeking for traces - Nachhaltigkeit in Lebensmitteln

Anja Willmann | Bauphysik
Bauhaus 2050. Energetische Quartierssanierung zur Reduktion der CO2-Emissionen unter Berücksichtigung denkmalgeschützter Bauten in Weimar

PhD candidates, early stage researchers researchers, designers and artists (up to 3 years after begin of employment) of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar could apply with a scientific poster.

Elevator Pitch
The posters had to be presented to the audience during the exhibition with an “Elevator Pitch”. You have a max of 90 seconds to present your poster (in German or English) in an exciting and gripping manner. The Elevator Pitch is a compulsory component of the poster contest.

The Jury: Luise Nehrlich | Faculty Architecture and Urbanism, Raimo Harder | Faculty Civil Engineering, Jens Hauspurg |  Faculty Art and Design, Sven-Ove Horst | Faculty Media

Printing of posters will be organized centrally; costs will be covered.


Foto: Henry Sowinski