ISP - International Study Programme Germany-Japan-Korea

Kompaktworkshop vom 26.02-15.03.08 in Japan und Korea

The study program is concerned with the genesis and production of worldviews and world images, which, in the age of globalization and iconic turn, on one hand echo each other, but on the other hand cannot be interpreted without their cultural-historical background. In the connection of architecture theory, history, philosophy, and economy, image generation will be discussed in its practical as well as theoretical aspects.

There are a total of six schools involved, besides Weimar and Erfurt two Japanese (Waseda University, Tokyo and Yokohama National University), and two Korean Schools (Yonesei University and Kyongi University, Seoul).

The international study program consists of one module, with a duration of approx. 20 days, held in Japan and in Korea. The last two modules in 2006/ 2007 were devoted to the theme "Cultures and Memories"/ „CITY SCAPES“ and were dealing with a combination of film/video and city.

The fellowship will cover the cost for flight and lodging in Korea and Japan, and will largely be paid for by the DAAD.