Project Transportation System Planning

Lecturers: Anne Bellmann, Raimo Harder

Semester:  Summer Semester

SWS: according to BISON-Portal

Language: English

Project: Project Transportation & international workshop "City and Traffic"

Course content:

The curriculum consists of a seminar during the seminar (project 909012) and an international workshop. In the seminar, lecturers and students of the faculty civil engineering will give a lecture on topics of transportation and urban-planning; a preliminary report (seminar report) will bring it to a close.
Following the seminar, the international workshop "City and Traffic" takes place where students and docents from now nice countries participate (Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary). In international and interdisciplinary mixed small groups, students will discuss present problems regarding transportation and urban planning of the host city and present their results as part of the closing event. The project closes with a final report and the making of a poster.