sMobility - Smart Mobility in Thuringia

Project description

Within the project “sMobiliTy”, a cloud-systems architecture is created that connects existing technical systems with each other. Thus, entitled participants are able to exchange specific information among themselves on the cloud without having to open their systems for one another. Information are selected, edited and shared in the cloud. Three so-called sub clouds provide the basis for it, which consider themselves as sections of intelligent management of loading (smart grid), intelligent navigational solutions (smart car) as well as intelligent traffic management (smart traffic).

The sub-project “Intelligent Traffic Management” within the project “Smart Mobility in Thuringia” aims to develop a platform for traffic management whilst taking into account the special requirements for electro mobility. The goal is the conception of the traffic management platform as well as its linkage to a cloud-based system and service platform. The main task is the generation of an up-to-date, location disintegrated traffic situation that is based on the connection of several system components. Its following implementation needs an optimized navigational solution for electro mobility regarding travel time and range.

The impact assessment and with it the verification of the benefit of functional cross-linkage of current data on traffic situation with electric vehicles takes places as part of the implementation of the corresponding demonstrator “sMobiliTy City Erfurt”.

Project partners

Innoman Ltd., Ilmenau
ACX Ltd., Zwickau
IMMS Institute for microelectronic and mechatronic systems non-profit GmbH, Ilmenau
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Chair Transport System Planning
TAF mobile Ltd., Jena
HKW-Elektronik Ltd., Seebach
EPSa Ltd., Jena
envia Mitteldeutsche Energie PLC
State capital Erfurt, highways and traffic department

Project sponsor

German Aerospace Centre

Funding body

Funding out of the programme “IKT for electro mobility II” by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Traffic


2012 – 2015

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