Currently, the Chair of Transport System Planning offers the following modules in English:

Winter semester:

  • International Case Studies
  • Macroscopic Transport Modelling

Summer Semester:

  • Project Transport System Planning - City and Traffic
  • Microscopic Traffic Simulation

 Additionally, the following modules are offered in German:

Winter semster:

  • Transport Planning (Verkehrsplanung)
  • Traffic Safety (part 1) (Verkehrssicherheit Teil 1)
  • Spatial Planning (Raumordnung)
  • Urban Design and Transportaion (Städtebau und Verkehr)

Summer semester:

  • Road Planning and Engineering Structrues (Straßenplanung und Ingenieurbauwerke)
  • Traffic Safety  (part 2) (Verkehrssicherheit Teil 2)
  • Traffic Engineering (Verkehrstechnik)
  • Cycling Infrastructure (Radverkehrsanlagen)  - currently not offered -