Master plan electro mobility in Thuringia 2030

Project description

On EU-level, at the Federation as well as in the Free State of Thuringia exist ambitious goals for environment and climate protection. The advancement of electromobility is hereby seen as a fundamental measure in reaching these goals. Besides the positive effects for climate and environment, a valuable contribution to the security of energy supply can be made as well. It is consent that the market launch can only be realised successfully if industry and public sector operate together and create the technological and regulatory framework conditions for customer-oriented solutions.

Within the project “Master plan electro mobility for Thuringia 2030” guidelines, aims and sets of measures for the advancement of electromobility in Thuringia shall be developed. The free state has made many important impulses for the advancement of eletromobility in the past already. This concerns the initiation and support of research projects, the advancement of electric vehicles as well as creating infrastructure for loading in the public or semi-public sector especially. For further development of electromobility and support of the market launch, eletromobility-related measures based on gained experiences so far shall still be implemented in traffic and logistic. In the master plan, previous approaches in Thuringia shall be evaluated with experiences from other regions, guidelines and goals shall be defined, suitable measures shall be developed and evaluated as well as an action plan with financing concept shall be compiled.

Project consortium

Prof. Dr. Uwe Plank-Wiedenbeck – Chair Transport System Planning, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Prof. Dr. Matthias Gather – Traffic Policy and Spatial Planning, Erfurt

Project sponsor

Thuringian Department of Environment, Energy and Conservation (TMUEN)


08.2017 – 05.2018