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Published: 28 October 2019

Traffic safety on school routes

How can the way to school be made safer for the children of the Martin-Luther-Grundschule in Eisenberg? Lena Klopfstein (B.Sc.) dealt with this question as part of her student research project at the Chair of Transport System Planning. First approaches have already been taken up by the city administration, as local media report.

The Chair of Transport System Planning pays special attention to the topic of traffic safety in teaching and research. The planning challenges and the social relevance for safe traffic routes often motivate students to deal scientifically with concrete case studies and solution-oriented concepts in their study papers and final theses.

An excellent student research project of the master student Lena Klopfstein (B.Sc.), who is studying environmental engineering in her master's degree and aims to specialize in traffic engineering at the chair, examined the needs and hazards for the youngest road users on their way to school in Eisenberg.

As reported by local media, Ms Klopfstein came across "confusing intersections and busy roads on the way to school, cars driving too fast in the traffic-calmed zone, constant stopping and driving off of cars in front of the school gate before the start of school and after class [...]" (Ostthüringer Zeitung, 26.10.2019). Ms. Klopfstein supplemented her analysis of the current situation with practical proposals for solutions, which are now being examined in cooperation with the city administration and the school. For example, a passenger safety project is to be initiated together with the local transport company, visual obstacles at crossing points are to be removed and the establishment of a speed 30 zone is to be coordinated.

An action day for traffic safety is already being planned, during which the children will use spray paint to transform the parking lot of the Martin Luther Primary School into a flowering meadow, thus promoting greater awareness among the parents while picking up and dropping off their children.Further information on the student research project and the work on traffic safety at the Chair of Transport System Planning:

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