Future Conference Weimar 2013

The Future Conference 2013 serves three essential main emphases: The academic exchange with presentations of the participating professors, the planning of activities for the project year 2014 and the discussion of the possibilities and potentials beyond the project’s scope and, particularly, beyond its duration, in order to flesh out the arisen partnerships in a sustained manner. Participants will be Prof. Hebatallah Abouelfadl and Prof. Ebtissam Farid from the University of Alexandria, Prof. Yasser Rajjal from the German Jordanian University Amman, Prof. Murat Güvenc and Dr. Özge Aktas from the Urban Studies Center Istanbul, Prof. Nasser Fakouhi from the University Tehran and Prof. Frank Eckardt from the Bauhaus University.

Main results of  this meeting are future cooperation with Prof. Fakouhi from Teheran University, as well as the agreement on further activities within the frame of the project: a coordination trip in October, a Workshop in Jordan in spring, a second "Young Academics" Workshop in Istanbul as well as a concluding conference in the second half of 2014.

Participants in the Future Conference
Prof. Ebtissam Farid
Prof. Frank Eckardt
Prof. Hebatallah Abouelfadl
Prof. Murat Güvenc
Prof. Nasser Fakouhi
Prof. Yasser Rajjal
Prof. Murat Güvenc and Özge Aktas