Paper Guidelines

Guidelines for writing an academic paper

Professorship Urban Studies and Social Research

Approximate Length:

Paper accompanying a presentation: 7-10 pages

Seminar paper: 10-15 pages


Not only direct quotations, but also ideas, concepts or thoughts which are summarized from another source should be cited in the text, in addition to a full bibliography at the end of the paper. (At the Bauhaus University library, there are many books available in English on academic writing, for further reference on how to cite resources)

Grading Criteria:


The paper fulfils the below-mentioned criteria and additionally contextualizes the topic of research in larger debates in the field of urban studies, which have been discussed in the seminar. The connection between literature and theories discussed and the empirical situation in question is critically reflected upon.


Argumentation is clearly structured: a research question and steps taken to investigate it are explained, and a conclusion communicates the main aims, results and outlook of the paper. The research question is approached using relevant literature and data.


The paper adequately describes the topic of research.