Urban Minorities

The project Urban Minorities is laid out for a duration of three years (2012–14). The 2014 program comprises a workshop for students in Madaba/Jordan, a workshop for the promotion of young scientists in Istanbul and a concluding conference in autumn. A publication of the results of the project as well as of the conference is scheduled for 2015. Universities involved are the University of Alexandria, American University Madaba, the German Jordanian University Amman, the University of Tehran and the Istanbul Sehir University.

The project is conducted within the programme “Academic Dialogue with the Islamic World” (Hochschuldialog mit der islamischen Welt) by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and funded by the Foreign Office (AA).


Ahmed Suleiman Mohamed, who participated in two workshops within our
project "Urban Minorities" has recently published an article about his
hometown Alexandria which is available online here.


Hazal Duran, participant in the "Urban Minorties"-Workshop 2014 in
Jordan, has just reviewed a book which is concerned with the highly
sensitive history of the Armenian minority in the founding years of
Turkey: [Link]


Final conference Urban Minorities 13./14. November 2014, Weimar

Call for Papers see below

Young Academics Workshop 2014 - Istanbul

Project History


March 2014

Micro-Workshop on Urban Sociology and qualitative Research at the
University of Alexandria (Egypt), 16th to 23rd of March

Participants Micro-Workshop Alexandria, March 2014

March 2014                       

3. Workshop „Urban Minorities“ at the American University of Madaba (Jordanien) from 7. to 17. March 2014.

October 2013

Coordination Trip to Jordan



Amman 2013

September 2013

Future conference
in Weimar with the current and future cooperation partners

June 2013

1st workshop “Young Academics” in Weimar with a total of 18 participants from Jordan, Egypt, Gaza and Turkey

April 2013

Expressions of interest by the Urban Studies Center Istanbul and the Department of Anthropology of the University of Tehran to establish relationships of cooperation in the project “Urban Minorities”

March 2013

2nd Workshop “Urban Minorities” with 48 participants in Alexandria

December 2012

Approval of the funding to continue the project by the DAAD

October 2012

Expressions of interest by the American University Beirut and the German Jordanian University Amman to cooperate in the project “Urban Minorities”

September 2012

DAAD conference “Arab Higher Education in Times of Change – A New Passage to Transformation” in Berlin, among others with participants from Alexandria and Weimar

July 2012

1st workshop “Urban Minorities” at the Bauhaus University with 42 participants.

March 2012

1st coordination trip to Egypt in the frame of the project.

December 2011

Approval of the funding of the project “Urban Minorities” by the DAAD.

March 2011

Due to the involvement of the PhD students Ossama Hegazy and Aaed Almasri a video conference entitled “Urban heritage in conflict areas” takes place at the Bauhaus University. Live participants were from the University of Alexandria and the Islamic University Gaza.