Charles Fabri – a Critic: Building Bridges between India and Europe

Seminar im Rahmen des Bauhaus-Moduls | Bachelor ab 3. FS + Master ab 1. FS aller Fakultäten 2/4 SWS | 3/6 ECTS

Lehrender: Pappal Suneja, Prof. Dr. J. Cepl begleitend

The seminar presents the writings from 1954 to 1966 by Charles Fabri (1899–1968), a Hungarian-born art critic. The study of Fabri's viewpoints from the mid-20th century draws attention to the East-West modernism paradigm. It lays a foundation for further exploration and research of a 'dialogue' between India and central Europe from the 1950s to the 1960s. In his critical and well-informed articles, Fabri explored the ongoing transformations in art and architecture and the intense modernization of India that came with it. This journey showcases a fascinating trajectory from a background in archaeology – to critiquing dance, theatre, architecture, and other arts.

In this course, Charles Fabri's contribution to art & design discourse in India and Europe shall be showcased through video snippet interviews, roundtable discussions, social media engagement, testimonials, and comments/reflections of peers on selected texts.


Start:     03. April 2023   Introduction - to learn more about the course (15:15 Uhr im Hauptgebäude, R. 105)
Zeit:       mittwochs, 09:15 Uhr
Ort:        Marienstr. 9, R. 203