Bauhaus & Beyond: A global, postcolonial perspective

Seminar im Rahmen der Forschungswerkstatt| Bachelor ab 3. FS + Master ab 1. FS aller Fakultäten 2/4 SWS | 3/6 ECTS

Lehrender: Pappal Suneja, Prof. Dr. J. Cepl begleitend

The Workshop, hybrid lecture series, and Exhibition, ”Bauhaus & Beyond: A Global Postcolonial Perspective” calls for a re-examination of ideas, thoughts, methods, and knowledge transfer by taking examples of the Bauhaus’ inverse influences in India, the US, UK, and Germany.
At the meta-level, Bauhaus is a movement that has inspired generations to think outside of the box and interpret knowledge in one’s own context.

The seminar calls to study and explores the postcolonial discourse and multi-transactional exchange of art, architecture, and design to develop a global research perspective. The course participants shall be engaged in documenting the ideas discussed in the Workshop and lecture series as well as preparation of an exhibition (re-enactment performance based).


Start:    03. April 2023     Introduction - to learn more about the course
Zeit:      montags, 15:15 Uhr
Ort:       Hauptgebäude, R. 105