Prof. Dr. Weizman

Projekt 2 - Zentrum für Dokumentarische Architektur/ Centre for Documentary Architecture

Architecture is the pathology of the contemporary era. With the urbanization of conflict, violence – and thus also the violations of human rights and the laws of war – often take place within cities. The city is an entangled social, physical and systemic reality that responds to violence in complex ways. Frequently violations are produced by the very means of architecture – construction, interruption and destruction.

Furthermore, spatial representations – maps, plans, geospatial data, satellite imagery, aerial footage, 3D-scans, physical and digital models – shape the way we interrogate, understand and debate conflict.

The new visibilities emerging with the development and widespread accessibility of activist imagery and their accelerated dissemination via social media brought new sights, sites and issues to an extended polity. But this data also calls for new practices of trawling through, looking at, interpreting, verifying, decoding and amplifying messages and broadcasting them further.

In this project students will develop architectural and spatial research methodologies to analyze the violent transformation of larger territories as captured in different media. These anthropogenic milieus register the result of a cumulatively radicalizing entanglement between human conflict and natural environments. The project will lead to the construction of a three-dimensional urban model and data platform able to provide a spatial and temporal account of war destruction.

The project will be run in collaboration with Forensic Architecture Goldsmiths College London. (

Obligatorisches Seminar: Perspektive und Foto, Professur Baumformenlehre und Darstellungsmethodik, Tuesdays 9:15-12:30, Blue Pool

Optional Seminars:

- Cinema4D, Professur Baumformenlehre und Darstellungsmethodik, Mondays 13.30-16.45, Blue Pool
, Thursdays 18:30-21:00, Haus Am Horn

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Projektbeginn:       09. April 2015, 9:15 – 16:45
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Ort:                        Arbeitsraum:   BH7B 219+220