Workshop mit Fonna Forman und Teddy Cruz, UC San Diego | 13. bis 14. November 2014 | Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Nourished by change, the city and its architecture have a dynamic condition of networked intervention. As such, the analysis of spatial practices, politics and media is also a relational practice in which a multiplicity of actors and disciplines operate in a multivalent cultural field: NGOs, local associations, developers, dissidents, aspiring politicians and celebrity do-gooders. 

The idea of this Open Crit is to share ideas and projects that reflect on forms of knowledge about contemporary culture, its various representations and mis-representations and their impact on the public realm. This workshop offers a forum for students from all disciplines of the university to present their work – resolved or unresolved, built or unbuilt, complete or incomplete – to encourage the exchange of ideas among them.

The workshop will be introduced by a reading seminar, an evening lecture and a late night dining event in which we will begin to discuss multiple political, cultural, economical and urban realities in order to speculate about possible forms of intervention in the city and its discourses.

On the second day students will have a chance to present questions, ideas and projects to Fonna Forman and Teddy Cruz.