Studentin im Neubau

If you donnot return borrowed medias during the loan period, you will be reminded and your library account will be charged with reminder fees according to the Thüringer Verwaltungskostenordnung:
1st rem
inder 1,50 €EUR
2nd reminder + 2,50 €EUR
3rd reminder + 4 €EUR

With more than €15 EUR reminder fee, you cannot use any services in your account like ordering and reserving media and renewing the loan period. But up to €25 EUR reminder fee, you can conditionally lend further media und use some services by contacting the library staff. With more than €25 EUR reminder fee, your library account will automatically be locked.

You have to pay the reminder fees at the circulation desk by cash or with your thoska. If you don´’t return a media within the prescribed period after having got a third reminder, the library is authorized to send someone to take the book from your home, to let you pay another copy as replacement or to carry out other administrative measures, which may cause further costs.