In keeping with our international profile, we had offer relevant web content, publications, a broad range of forms, etc. in English to strengthen our advising services for prospective and currently enrolled students at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.
In compliance with a directive issued by the Rectorate to internationalise university operations and to help establish a more standardised translation style, the BMBF-funded project »Studium.Bauhaus« has successfully secured funding for future these translations.

A German-English glossary of terms »DE.ENG« has also been created. »DE.ENG« is a tool that was developed to support a consistent translation of university-related terminology for all written materials that provide an internal or external representation of the university, i.e. website text, university print, flyers, online publications, etc.

»The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar’s Guide to English Text Composition« is also available to university members and was designed to be used in combination with »DE.ENG« in order to assist users in creating a unified English-language style across all communications. The »English Guide« specifically addresses issues such as abbreviations, capitalisation, spelling and punctuation.