Here you are able to download a wide range of PowerPoint sample presentations in German and English that you can personalise and use in numerous ways, along with templates to make your own presentations.

(As at November 2018)

  • PowerPoint Templates

    » German version

    » English version

    Please save the files locally on your computer in order to edit them.

  • Presentations as PDF files

    » German version

    » English version


    Please use the PDF files if you do not want to include any changes in our general presentation and present them on a computer that does not have our typeface installed.

Presentations without pictures

These colour-based templates are suitable for the creation of individualized presentations too:


»A Portrait of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar«

A movie for students by studentsand those who want to become one. Students tell why they chose the university, share their opinions, and describe their experiences studying and living in Weimar.