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Published: 25 October 2018

Reliability and Statistics in Transportation - Conference RelStat 2018

What consequences could transport integration have? How can measures of transport integration benefit the public transport system? Those questions were discussed by Dipl.-Ing. Julius Uhlmann in his presentation at the conference "Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication" in Riga.

His contribution titeld "Possible Consequences of the Implementation of Transport Integration in the Riga Planning Region" dealt with a concept for a Public Transport Authority for the metropolitan area of the Latvian captial Riga. The consequences are expected to unfold in slightly higher transport volumes and higher customer satisfaction. While the costs of organization are likely to decrease due to centralization, new inte-grated tariff models might reduce the revenues.

The conference "Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication" takes place every year Transport and Telecomunication Institute in Riga (more Infos).