Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch

The Chair of Intelligent Technical Design is concerned with the application of modern information and communication technology (ICT) during the design, the construction and the operation of civil infrastructure, such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, road and pipe networks. In this regard, we use methods of Building Information Modelling (BIM), Computer Vision and Machine Learning as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality to efficiently and sustainably inform decision makers. 

Published: 18 April 2019

Successful graduates

Also in the winter semester 2018/19, the chair for Intelligent Technical Design successfully supported students on their way to the thesis.

Completed theses

_ BIM-based Facility Management using COBie.

Yuzhe Wu, Master Thesis, 2019

_ Digitaler ITD Zwilling - Design und Implementierung eines Webinterface für nutzerorientierte Datenvisualisierung und Interraktion mit Smart-Home-Systemen.

Xi Chen, Master Thesis, 2019

_ Entwicklung von Prüfstrukturen zur Qualitäts- und Planungskontrolle von Bauwerksinformationsmodellen.

Sebastian Seiß, Master Thesis, 2018

_ Spezifizierung einer Datenschnittstelle zur Integration von digitalen Oberleitungsplanungen in Building Information Modeling.

Justus Boeck, Master Thesis, 2018

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Our team includes Prof. Christian Koch, Mrs. Anne-Marie Nöthlich, research and student assistants.


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