AuCity 3

AuCity 3 - Collaborative and adaptive Mixed Reality in civil engineering education in universities

Reality-enhancing, computer-based applications could positively influence the learning and understanding of complex subject matter; the collaborative partners of »AuCity 3« are convinced of this - and it was already demonstrated in the first project phase »AuCity 2«. The interdisciplinary research team is investigating the detailed design of these technologies for use in university teaching, particularly with regard to the design features of adaptivity and collaboration. The BMBF project will receive around one and a half million euros in funding until August 2024.

Mixed reality (MR) refers to environments or systems that augment the natural perception of humans with an artificial, digital perception. Real objects and spaces such as roads, bridges or buildings are supplemented with additional, computer-generated information such as formulas or explanations. In this way, hidden influencing variables such as soil structure, CO2 emissions or thermodynamics become visible and tangible for the viewer.

AuCity 3, subtitled "Collaborative and adaptive mixed reality in university teaching using the example of civil engineering", focuses on the aspects of interactions between students as well as the provision of tailored learning tasks for students.

Interested students are given the opportunity to work on projects or theses on this topic. If you are interested, please contact Ms M.Sc. Fulya Tasliarmut or Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch for more information.

More information can be found here.