Digital Methods in Construction Management


Students gain advanced knowledge on digital methods for the computer-supported design and management of construction projects. Particularly, the focus is on the understanding, the application and the limitations of the following concepts within the frame of Building Information Modeling: parametric modelling; 4D, 5D and 6D BIM; details of data exchange formats IFC, BCF, COBie; Level of Development; and BIM Execution Planning. In addition, the students learn how to utilise modern software systems and apply these within a project to plan, manage and visualise a selected construction project.


  • 3D-, 4D-, 5D-, 6D-BIM
  • BIM maturity Levels
  • Levels of Development (LOD, Level of Information, Level of Geometry)
  • Data exchange (IFC, BCF und COBie)
  • BIM project management
  • BIM excecution plan (BEP)
  • Exemplary software systems for the continuous flow of information in construction projects