Project: Digital ITD Twin


"Industry 4.0" and "Internet of things" are the current buzzwords when it comes to digitilization. The entire life cycle of products is to be captured and digitally mapped as a "Digital Twin". Household appliances communicate with online trading platforms, for instance,  to order detergents. Entire factories are virtually mapped to create simulations, optimizations and predictions from the twin in order to improve the quality of the real-world factories. Our chair wants to point out possible applications in the field of facility management. For this purpose, we have equipped 4 rooms with sensors and actuators that communicate via radio signals. The necessary software runs on a Raspberry Pi. Open source software with open interfaces allows for extensions and improvements.
In the future, students will extend this system with components such as AR and VR applications, simulation environments, web interfaces and data analysis tools. The aim is to reproduce the rooms of the chair of Intelligent Technical Design in a virtual environment as the Digital ITD Twin.

If you are looking for a project or thesis work, or are generally interested in the system, please contact Mr. M.Sc. Mathias Artus or Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch for further information.

A detailed project description can be found here.