Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Koch

The Chair of Intelligent Technical Design is concerned with the application of modern information and communication technology (ICT) during the design, the construction and the operation of civil infrastructure, such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, road and pipe networks. In this regard, we use methods of Building Information Modelling (BIM), Computer Vision and Machine Learning as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality to efficiently and sustainably inform decision makers. 

Published: 08 October 2020

Book: Basiswissen zu Auftraggeber-Informationsanforderungen (AIA)

Employer's information requirements are an important part of successful BIM projects. The book "Basiswissen zu Auftraggeber-Informationsanforderungen (AIA)" from buildingSMART's BIM Basics series discusses the fundamentals and practical guidelines on this topic.

Martina Mellenthin Filardo, research associate at the Chair for Construction Engineering and Management , and Judith Krischler, research associate at the Chair of Intelligent Technical Design and BIM expert at DB Netz, have dealt with the methodology of Building Information Modelling (BIM), in particular with Employer's Information Requirements (EIR), within the scope of their scientific and practical work. The definition of EIR is essential for successful project management with BIM. In cooperation with buildingSMART Germany, the work "Basiswissen zu Auftraggeber-Informationsanforderungen (AIA)" (Basic knowledge of Employer's Information Requirements) was created. It serves as a practical guide and provides background information and tips on a scientific basis using a commented sample structure. 

The book in the buildingSMART series BIM Basics is now published and can be ordered immediately by e-mail from bSD Verlag or in bookshops as a print version (ISBN 978-3-948742-12-6 ) or as an e-book version (ISBN 978-3-948742-13-3 ). The combined edition - e-book and print version - can also be purchased (ISBN 978-3-948742-14-0 ). 

Our team includes Prof. Christian Koch, Mrs. Anne-Marie Nöthlich, research and student assistants.


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